Simple Business Management

A great cloud platform, for your business and clients. Manage your clients with ease and get paid.


Packages that suit you

Start with the basics and add extras as you need them! Don’t waste money on features you don’t need, simple.


Manage your business with simple tools and get paid on time. No need for paper and pen!


Manage your clients easier, in one location. Our BMS includes a client database, saving the details you need.


Take the hassle out of estimates and invoicing. Generate them on the fly and with predefined items.


Navigate all your products and services and create estimates instantly, with only a few click.


Don’t loose out on income. Accept online payments, track and notify clients on overdue invoices. Without lifting a finger.


Manage client Jobs with ease and assign to employees, and track their progress. It also includes a calendar view.

Client Portal

Give clients access to their information, invoices, estimates and jobs online. Delivering a digital service to everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions? No sweat, take a look at some common QnAs.

Is my client data secure?

Security is important to us and protected you and your client’s data is crucial. We use a industry leading framework and secure our infrastructure where possible. However, security is also your responsibility too!

Our standard Core subscription is hosted on a shared server, but if you want a bit more safety we can provide a dedicated server that only hosts your database.

Can this be accessed anywhere?

Of course, this system is in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere, from any device! 

How often are updates published?

We are always working on improving the software and updates are rolled out regurlary. But it fully depends on fixes, urgency and workload.

Are online payments safe?

Yes, our system uses Stripe as the default gateway and all payment data is stored with them. Your client’s payment information doesn’t touch our systems and is all handled by Stripe.

For more information visit https://stripe.com

How easy is it to use?

It depends, we have developed the system to be easy for you and clients. But, it down to the individual to say if it’s easy. If you are unsure, book a free demo!

We are working on full guides to help you make the most of the features.

Can you develop extra functions?

Certainly! If you want the system to have extra functionality, that isn’t in one of our add-ons, we can develope bespoke add-ons for you. We want a system that covers you where possible.

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