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Is your computer old and running a bit slow? Got too much ‘weird’ behaviour, or too hot to touch? We can collect it from you, and perform wide variety of maintenance tasks.

Your computer needs maintenance and some TLC too!

Computers run everyday, and have mix of electronic and mechanical components. All of which need some care, to ensure everything runs smoothly and last longer. Maintenance helps being some life back to your computer, and not let you down when you most need it.

Many things contribute to the slowing down of your computer; age, components, type of usage, storage, old programs and even malware. Whether the problem is with hardware or software, they all contribute to poor performance and result is those frustrating moments when you just want to load your favourite social media site.

We initially investigate the problems to then determine the best maintenance tasks for your computer. This is no different to a car MOT, just without the surprise bill if something is wrong.

Quick and Easy for Home Users



To get started, simply book a collection quickly and easily with us.



Once collection is confirmed, we will come and collect your equipment. Don’t worry, we will drop you a reminder 1 hour before collcetion.



When we have everything we need, we will get to work to resolve your problems. We aim to repair within 48 hours.



Once everything is complete, and payment is complete. We will drop-off your equipment back to you.

Save money with Maintaining your computer, rather than replacing it…

Give your computer a new lease of life, with improved performance and efficiency. Don’t wait any longer, and save money.

the right tools

Why Maintain your PC or Laptop?

  • Avoid costly repairs due to neglect
    Not maintaining hardware could lead to failure and expensive repairs, and even data loss.
  • Improve performance
    Speed up start, loading and browsing with optimisation.
  • Reduce excess heat
    Heat causes slowness and damage.
  • Resolve any issues
    Update software and drivers may resolve problems.
  • Remove bloatware
    Remove uneccesary software and improve speed.
  • Get latest updates and security
    Protect your personal data with latest updates and security patches.
  • Dust removal
    Improve airflow and component lifespan.

Why Choose use


We have over 5+ Years industry experience and CompTIA A+ certification, you are in safe hands with our technicians.


We source our components from reputable suppliers. Ensuring you get the best performance and reliability.


Online Help

Don’t let problems stop you, our customers get access to online guides and emergency help when it’s needed*.

* Out of hours emergency calls are for subscribed customers only and carry a fixed call out fee + hourly rate.

Do you need support?

If you are new* or existing, contact us today to receive support services for your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and more.

* New clients are subject to assessment upon initial request. Business customers are contracted and require on boarding before support starts.