IT Support for Home

Our talented and experienced technicians will diagnose your computer issue, repair the problem and make it like-new while maintaining its functionality. We even offer a pick up service so you don’t have to worry about sending your computer away!

pc repair

Our Home Support Services


Inspection of internal and external hardware, cleaning and diagnostics.
Device driver check and updates, software updates.
System files check and repair, and more


If your computer is experiencing a fault, or has physical damage, we can repair Laptop Screens, Internal Components, PC Power Supplies, Software (ie BSOD, Crashes)


We can upgrade your storage to Solid State, increase RAM or even your Graphics. Using trusted brands and sources, our hardware is reliable and will give your Laptop or PC some extra life.

Quick and Easy for Home Users



To get started, simply book a collection quickly and easily online. Choose a timeslot that suits you, and a description of your problem.



Once collection is confirmed, we will come and collect your equipment. Don’t worry, we will drop you a reminder 1 hour before collcetion.



When we have everything we need, we will get to work to resolve your problems. We aim to repair within 48 hours.



Once everything is complete, and payment is complete. We will drop-off your equipment back to you.

Why Choose use


We have over 5+ Years industry experience and CompTIA A+ certification, you are in safe hands with our technicians.


We source our components from reputable suppliers. Ensuring you get the best performance and reliability.


Online Help

Don’t let problems stop you, our customers get access to online guides and emergency help when it’s needed*.

* Out of hours emergency calls are for subscribed customers only and carry a fixed call out fee + hourly rate.

We support all sorts of Home and Small Office setups

IT Support

Day to day support for you or your business. Get fast support with your computers. We will diagnose, solve and help users with any IT queries. Increasing productivity and reducing down time due to inadequate support or knowledge.


Networks (LAN, Wireless)

Every home and business has a network if you have more than one device and connect to the internet. We manage all networks and provide installation services big or small. Including wireless access (WLAN), ethernet and other network systems (VoIP, CCTV, Door Systems etc).

network cables

Do you need support?

If you are new* or existing, contact us today to receive support services for your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and more.

* New clients are subject to assessment upon initial request. Business customers are contracted and require on boarding before support starts.