• Up to 900Mbit/sec
  • Local Technical Support
  • Provided by major ISPs
  • More than just Internet

Broadband Only


from £27.95 /month

+ £40 One-Off Set-Up Fee

Download Upload
67 Mbps
Up to
18 Mbps
Up to

Full Fibre

from £33.50 /month

+ £40 One-Off Set-Up Fee

Download Upload
900 Mbps
Up to
100 Mbps
Up to

Broadband & Voice

Standard V

from £29.95 /month

+ £40 One-Off Set-Up Fee

Download Upload
Up to 67 Mbps
Up to 18 Mbps

Full Fibre V

from £35.50 /month

+ £40 One-Off Set-Up Fee

Download Upload
Up to 900 Mbps
Up to 100 Mbps

Voice Only

from £2 /month

Handsets from £70

UK & International Call Rates
PAYG & Bundled From 14.9p per min

All prices exclude VAT. VAT is added at checkout (20%).

Why Choose Us?

Local Support

We are UK based, and provide real human support when it’s needed.


Our internet is provide by the UKs largest networks.

Digital Voice

We are modernising your world, with digital voice. Beating the big switch off.


How is easy is it to switch?

It’s easy, just make sure you are out of contract with your existing provider and then order with us. We will take care of the rest.

Where possible, we can keep your existing phone number.

Do I have to pay for line rental?

No more line rental! Hooray!

Your broadband price includes the line (now called SoGEA).

We will use your existing phone line, but is no longer a separate service.

Though, you will not be able to use it for phone calls anymore, as part of BTs turn off in 2025. Instead, we provide Digital phone services (VoIP).

What is SoGEA?

SoGEA stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access, and is the new way of providing broadband services to business and homes. It uses your existing phone line, but does not have traditional phone services. Instead, we deliver your phone services via VoIP (Voice over IP), it’s digital and you best part you keep your existing handset.

Is it truly unlimited?

We do not cap your bandwidth, so yes it’s truly unlimited.

However, our network providers may place speed restrictions on heavy downloaders as part of fair usage policy. We do not control this.

Are the average speeds what I will get?

Average speeds are supplied by thinkbroadband.com, an independent organisation that operates home speed tests on user connections.

In order to provide the best indication of a typical customer’s ‘real-world’ experience, the average speed is calculated from tests run throughout the full 24-hour period of each day. Additionally, tests are carried out on equipment including PCs, tablets, phones and games consoles over both wireless and wired connections.

The speeds quoted are based on the average UK download speeds from the period 1 Jan 2018 – 31 March 2018. For more information, or to compare Zen’s speeds to those of other providers, please visit https://www.thinkbroadband.com/news/7967-uk-broadband-speed-test-results-for-february-2018.

Do you offer Public WiFi?

We are able to provide your venue with Public WiFi.

We provide you with the hardware and we manage it all remotely. You can either use your existing internet connection (whether that’s with us or not!) or provide a dedicated internet connection.

Call us for more information.

Do I need static IP address(s)?

Business’s with on-prem services (CCTV, Web Servers, VPN etc) may need a static IP Address, or more.

Residential homes do not typically need static IP addresses. However, we are able to provide one with justification.

Are there really real humans?

Yes! Whether you choose to call us, chat to us online or email. A human will respond.

Though, we use menus on our call system to ensure you get to the right department. But you will never have to speak to a robot.

Call centre staff


It’s true, our services create Co2 emissions, as requires a lot of energy to run and cool equipment. But we want to do something about that.

That’s why we have partnered with Tree-Nation to plan trees around the world. Every time someone purchases a service with us, we will plant a tree. Offsetting the CO2 produced, to run our services.

Even by visiting our website alone, you are helping us! Our website is Net Zero, so the more visits we have, the more trees we will plant to offset the CO2 created by the click of your mouse.

Show the planet you care, choose KD Hosting and offset your CO2 with us.

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